Britain’s Winter Cycling

Warning – this entry may contain some expletives As the darker nights draw in, the central heating is put on timer, and the oven door is left open after cooking – to heat the house more. Cycling’s elite boys and girls yank out the winter kit, ready to battle in all weathers. The hardest of […]

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Settling In

Now Viktor has settled in properly I guess I can write a fairly informative post on him.  Being carbon he is incredibly stiff to ride. Take that as a clean comment or not….tee hee…. Once my pedal stroke is down he is off and I am flying. Having never ridden a carbon before either – […]

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Picking up Viktor

  Just in case any of you were wondering if female cyclists really do their own maintenance – I grabbed the carbon torque key and put my own SRAM mount on my new steed. It was highly satisfying! Insert innuendo here 

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  The waves keep on crashing on me for some reasonBut your love keeps on coming like a thunderboltCome here a little closer‘Cause I wanna see you, baby, real close up(Get over here) 

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